• There schedules may be changed due to number of guests and weather or sea condition.
  • It may be not able to do 3rd dive due to boat capacity and bad weather condition.
  • Basically, we cannot accept your requests about A group or B group. And there may be the case that we assign B group to who stays our guesthouse, due to your diving skill or order of your booking.
  • For weekends and holidays during the top season, named “Specific day”, guests staying at our guesthouse or nearby hotels will be the morning team, Those who come by car or train on the day will be the afternoon team.
  • The specific dates for fiscal 2021 are as follows.
    July 22(Thu), July 23(Fri), July 24(Sat), July 25(Sun),July 31(Sat),
    Aug 1(Sun), Aug 7(Sat), Aug 8(Sun), Aug 9(Mon), Aug14(Sat), Aug15(Sun),
    Aug 21(Sat), Aug 22(Sun), Aug 28(Sat), Aug 29(Sun),
    Sep 4(Sat), Sep 5(Sun), Sep 11(Sat), Sep 12(Sun), Sep 18(Sat), Sep 19(Sun), Sep 20(Mon)
  • Weekday
  • Weekend & Holiday
  • Specific date
Weekend & Holiday
Specific date

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