Mikomoto Hanmmers

Dive log

Apr 11, 2024

4月なんとか見れてます/April Hammer is seen.

Weather/Ground Temperature 晴れ (sunny)/10~17℃ Wind Direction 東の風 (east wind)
Water Temperature 17℃ Wave 2m
Visibility (Top to bottom) ~8m Visibility (Right to left) ~8m
Diving point 神子元島 カメ根×2

English bellow:


今月2度目の神子元へ出航(^^)/  辰丸さんに乗り二本潜ってきましたよ!

海況は、風は多少あるものの問題なく潮の流れは、ガツンとありました!  カメ根エントリーで二本勝負していきましたー

ハンマーの群れはどちらもGET! 30匹くらいは見られたはず!?(‘Д’) 

なんで疑問系かというと透視度が悪かった・・・   単体や群れがいるのは分かりましたが一瞬でいなくなる・・



さあ! 春の神子元挑戦者求む!!!!!!!!!


Sailing to mikomoto for the second time this month (^^)/
The sea conditions were fine, although there was some wind, and the tide was running fast.  We had two turtle root entries!

We got a school of hammers at both entries! (‘Д’)

The reason why I have doubts is that the visibility was not good… I could see that there were individuals and schools, but they were gone in an instant…

Well, mikomoto is great because we were able to see hammerheads even in such conditions!

We also had a great day with schools of kanpachi .

Now, let’s see what we can do! We are looking for challengers to mikomoto in spring. !!!!!!!!!

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