Mikomoto Hammers


To make scuba diving more accessible.

Maks Co., Ltd. has a diving store "Mikomoto Hammers" as its main business, and also have "Hammers Academy" which is a school for non-divers to experience diving, license courses and instructor training, "Dolphin Beach" which offers dolphin petting program at Shimoda Floating Aquarium, "The Underwater Winery" which offers undersea aging service, "Beach House Hirizo" and "Hammers Clubhouse" for food and lodging, "Mikomoto Overhaul Center" for maintenance of diving equipment.

About Maks Co., Ltd.

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Don’t afraid of Innovation

In an era that continues to change at a dizzying pace on a daily basis, we must also continue to grow day by day.We aim to create a new way of life for dive stores by thinking flexibly and sometimes in an aggressive manner, free from preconceived ideas.

Contribution to the community

As a corporation, it is very important to make a profit, but a company that only makes money for itself will not last long.
We will be more than happy if we can create a win-win-win situation for our clients and local residents, and if we can impress our customers.
We will strive for sustainable economic activities that enable us to build relationships with ourselves, our customers, our business partners, and local residents, each of whom will benefit greatly from our activities.

Improvement of working conditions

Diving instructors are often said to be a dream job. However, they are also faced with labor problems and low income, which are common in the leisure industry.
We are committed to improving the working environment of the diving industry in the hope that we can provide an environment where all our staff can lead a stable life and that future generations will aspire to become diving instructors as their dream job.


Thanks to all of you, we at Maks Co., Ltd. have celebrated our 15th anniversary. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to our customers, local residents, business partners, and cooperators for their guidance and support.

I first encountered the mikomoto sea in 2004.
I was struck by and fell in love with the dynamic and powerful nature of this ocean, which was so different from any other ocean I had ever dived before.

Makoto Arimatsu
President and
Representative Director
Makoto Arimatsu

Thanks to your support, the number of customers has been increasing year by year, The experience and training division, Hammers Academy, started in 2016, has been recognized for its high quality training and has been registered as a 5-star Instructor Development Dive Resort by PADI, the world's largest certification organization for diving.

In order to continue to be a company that provides safe and enjoyable marine activities, and to continue to be a diving service that is loved by everyone in this ever-changing age, we will work even harder to acquire the ability to adapt to the times, without fear of change.
We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

About Us

Company name MAKS Co., Ltd.
Capital 4 million yen
Date of establishment November 2008
Officers President and Representative Director: Makoto Arimatsu
Director: Akio Shibuya
Head Office 353-6 Minato, Minami-Izu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture, 415-0152, Japan
Main Business Scuba diving instruction and seminars / Sales, repair and rental of diving equipment / Management of lodging and restaurant business / Planning and operation of sports tours / Production and sales of high-pressure gas / Planning and sales of alcoholic beverages / Liquor sales license Shimoda Sake 77 Shimoda Tax Office


April 2001 Established the diving store "Mikomoto Hammers"
November 2008 Establishment of Maks Co.,Ltd.
April 2009 Started operation of "Mikomoto Hammers" under the structure of Maks Co.,Ltd.
October 2010 Started selling original goods through online store
April 2012 Store relocated to current headquarters location
Started operation of a guesthouse exclusively for divers
April 2016 Started operation of training division "Hammers Academy"
Started discover scuba diving business at Hirizo beach in Minami-Izu Town
May 2016 Started operation of tour division "South Heaven" to plan domestic and international diving tours
August 2017 NHK "Central Japan Nature World" coverage cooperation
October 2017 Cooperation for NHKworld "Journeys in Japan" coverage
April 2018 Diving equipment maintenance division "Mikomoto Overhaul Center" started operation.
Registered as a member of Minami-Izu Town Tourist Association
June 2019 Certified as a PADI 5star Instructor Development Dive Resort
March 2020 Start of Japan's first "Dolphin Diving" experience at ShimodaFloating Aquarium
July 2020 Summer café "BeachHouse Hirizo" opens in the Nakaki district of Minami-Izu Town.
July 2021 Cooperates in the filming of the movie "The Three Sisters of Tenmasou".
Oct 2021 Launched "Underwater Winery", an undersea wine aging service.
February 2023 Shimoda floating Aquarium Dolphin Beach, a dolphin petting program, begins.