Mikomoto Hammers


Our shop

Address 353-6 Minato, Minamiizumachi,
Kamo,Shizuoka 415-0152, JAPAN
TEL・FAX 0558-62-4105

How to access

  • 電車でのアクセス By train
  • 車でのアクセス By car

The easiest way from Narita Airport

  1. Airport bus from Narita airport to Tokyo station(65min)
  2. From Tokyo station, Taking EXPRESS ODORIKO to Izukyu shimoda station(the last stop).(about 2.5h)
  3. We will pick you up at Izukyu Shimoda station.

Coming from the Tomei Numazu I.C. through Naka Izu area.

From the Numazu I.C. on the Tomei EXPWY, take theIZU JUKAN EXPWY, exit at the Tsukigase I.C., the last stop, and proceed on Route 414 toward Shimoda.

Go over the Amagi Tunnel and pass under the Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge. When you reach Yugano Onsen in Kawazu Town, the road splits into a T-shape. If you go straight, the road becomes Prefectural Route 14 from here and joins Route 135, which runs along the coast. After merging onto Route 135, turn right and head toward Shimoda and Minamiizu town.

When the east coast line passes from the Tokyo district

You come from the Tokyo area, there is a method to use the Tomei Expressway. You change to Odawara-Atsugi Expressway in Tomei Expressway Atsugi interchange and come to Ishibashi Interchange. You go south in National highway No. 135 after having gone down Ishibashi Interchange. It is possible to go early if the Manatsuru road and the Atami beach line are used on the way.

From "Izukyu-Shimoda Station" to our shop

When it runs from "Izukyu-Shimoda Station" in the 136th in national road line for about 15 minutes by car in the Minamiizu district, our shop sees the signboard left.