Mikomoto Hanmmers

Just go for it!

Thousands of hammerhead sharks
like a mighty river swim in front of you.
In Mikomoto island Japan,
there is a sight you have yet to see.
Come, join us on a journey
to the sea of adventure.

Mikomoto Hammers


A 15-minute boat ride from
the southernmost town on
the Izu Peninsula, Japan.
Mikomoto island, a small uninhabited island with only rocks,
is one of the world's most spectacular dive sites.

Various kinds of marine life appear
on the Kuroshio Current,
the world's largest ocean current.
The countless shool of fish cover
your vision like a towering wall.
This underwater view is
one of the best beautiful sight in Japan.

"Mikomoto Hammers" is
dedicated from 2001 to providing
safe and high quality diving services
in this wonderful dive site.



The world-class spectacle of the ocean, Mikomoto Island.
We are a team of professional guides who have gathered here to guide you
safely and securely through this vast and complex ocean.

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.

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