Mikomoto Hanmmers

Dive log

May 25, 2024

神子元島クリーン作戦! みんなでお掃除(^^)/Cleaning up mikomoto Island! 

Weather/Ground Temperature 曇り (cloudy)/19~23℃ Wind Direction 北の風 (north wind)
Water Temperature 19℃ Wave 2~1.5m
Visibility (Top to bottom) 10m Visibility (Right to left) 10m
Diving point Mikomoto Island KAMENE 


本日は、年に一回の神子元島周辺の水中お掃除。 クリーン作戦の日でした!!


量としては、少なかった! これは良いことですね!



潮は緩み、南へ出していくとまずは着底ハンマー! カマストガリザメも混ざっていました。


最高! 明日も良い凪の予定です。

ナイトロックス導入記念!ナイトロックス講習特価キャンペーン!Special price campaign for NITROX training!


Today is the annual underwater cleanup around mikomoto Island. Today was the day of the annual underwater cleanup around mikomoto Island!

Due to the wind direction and the speed of the tide, the area to be cleaned was limited, but all the stores in mikomoto set sail and picked up trash with those who participated!

The amount of trash was small! This is a good thing!

Let’s go back to the cleaned up mikomoto Island and see the hammers again this season.

And the second dive was for fun diving.

The tide was slackening, and as we headed out to the south, we first saw a hammer landing! There was also a Hammer Shark mixed in with the hammerhead sharks.

When we took them out to the middle of the water, we saw a big school of hammerhead sharks!

Great! Tomorrow is also expected to be calm.

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